Schedule electrical remodeling services in Washington Court House, OH

Remodeling a home is labor-intensive. When you're changing the entire layout of a space, like your community kitchen or office floor, you need a team of skilled electricians and plumbers to reroute the wires and pipes in your building. This way, your new outlets and fixtures will be installed in the correct spaces.

Turn to Watts Industries, LLC when you start a remodeling project. We have over 20 years of experiencing handling electrical remodeling services in Washington Court House, OH. We also offer lighting replacement services. Hire us today so you can get properly installed wiring for your new space.

We'll avoid these common remodeling mistakes

By utilizing our electrical remodeling services and lighting replacement services, you can avoid any potentially hazardous situations. Commercial wiring and rewiring work should be left to the professionals. We can upgrade your electrical panel, as well, so your system can support your new appliances and fixtures. You can count on us because we'll avoid these typical remodeling errors:

  • Using the wrong wire size
  • Installing or storing wires incorrectly
  • Securing the wires improperly
  • Failing to follow the city's electrical codes
We follow all the rules when we install wires, gas lines and piping. Learn more about our electrical and lighting replacement services by calling 740-572-7939 now.